Summit Magnesium Ball / Bag – Refillable – 85 gr. – Climbing/Crossfit/Turf/Calisthenics – Chalk Ball/Block/Powder/Puff – For Puff Bag

Do you do climbing, bouldering, gymnastics, crossfit or strength training and are looking for maximum grip? The Summit’s pure magnesium carbonate provides ultimate friction and absorbs sweat from the hands. The refillable elastic ball/bag with loose magnesium allows for even dosing on the hands by squeezing it which means less is wasted!

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✔ Brand: The Summit
✔ Package Contents: Resealable ball/bag of magnesium carbonate (puff ball)
✔ Material: cotton
✔ Dimensions: 13 x 5 x 8.5 cm
✔ Weight: 85 gr.
✔ Puff suitable for: Climbing, bouldering, crossfit, calisthenics, gymnastics, pole dancing, strength training and fitness