MakeSure Litter Box With Drawer

Honestly, most litter boxes are not the prettiest piece of interior design within your home. With the MakeSure Litter Box, there is finally a litter box that is also pleasing to the eye! This designer litter box offers a spacious and user-friendly toilet for your cat buddy. With removable inner tray, storage space and suitable for any interior. Finally a litter box that meets all the requirements!

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CAUTION: Push the inner tray firmly on placement so that it fits under the overhanging rim to prevent leaks. For spraying cats, this litter box is less suitable. In addition, unfortunately, this litter box is not suitable for Maine Coons or the Norwegian Forest Cat.

Opening front
You can flip open the convenient front which gives you free space to take out, empty and clean the inner tray. Because you can access the bin so easily, sifting the cat litter in between is no longer a hassle. So your cat friend gets a cleaner bowl and you a cleaner home.

Inside the fold-out wall are two convenient storage modules for litter bags and the cat litter scoop. This means you always have everything on hand and the house stays tidy.

Outlet grid
The tray on the inside ensures that when your cat gets off the toilet, he or she has already lost some of the cat grit under their paws. This keeps the grit where it belongs and keeps you a clean house.



✔ Package contents: litter box, liner and litter scoop
✔ Brand: MakeSure
✔ Material: Eco-friendly plastic
✔ Color: Dark green, white, mint green or pink
✔ Weight: 5 Kilograms
✔ Dimensions: 60 x 38 x 45 cm


The MakeSure litter box is available in mint green, dark green, white and pink.