GIZMO Luxury Cat Toy Set – 7 Toys

Did you know that young indoor cats need to stimulate their hunting behavior at least 30 times a day to satisfy their hunting instinct? With these deluxe cat toys, you can give your cat new challenges every time. The set includes 7 sound-making toys for interactive play in different ways: interactive cat fishing rod, rope ring, play mice, ball and throw & bite toys. This way it will always remain interesting for your animal friend and keep him in good health. The set is the perfect gift for any new cat owner! Order this cat toy now and give your cat challenging fun!

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Playing is as important to a kitten or cat as eating and drinking: it keeps them healthy. Play combats boredom, it stimulates his natural hunting instinct, it keeps his muscles and joints healthy, it works well against stress and depression and reduces behavioral problems.

Eco-friendly material
Each cat toy is unique and made of eco-friendly sisal (agave fiber) which is natural, strong and durable. This allows your cat to enjoy the toys for a long time. The 7 traditional cat toys come in eco-friendly packaging to reduce the carbon footprint.


➜ Early in the morning or evening, kittens and cats are most active. Play with your cat before you go to bed. That way, he will be ready to go to sleep with you.
➜ Toys are fun, but cats are most entertained by playing with them interactively together. It is the best way to get your cat to respond to your promptings. Make sure your cat always has toys around him, but keep some for when you play with him alone. Thus, they will acquire special value.
➜ Plan at least two good play sessions a day. Don’t give up if your cat doesn’t show immediate interest but keep offering the moments. Young indoor cats need to stimulate their hunting behavior up to 30 times a day to satisfy their hunting instinct. This reduced if you have multiple cats and if they like to chase each other or if your cat gets older and less active.
➜ You get your cat’s attention when you take a closer look at his prey. A cat is much more interested in a toy if it moves under a couch or closet, if it is hidden under a rug, or if it makes quick movements. Make the toy behave like a mouse!
➜ Catnip can make your play sessions extra dynamic. Fill a bag with catnip and put the toys in it, shake for a while and leave overnight. Your cat will find the toys even more attractive!



✔ Package contents: 1x cat rod with mouse, 1x rope ring with mouse, 2x play mice, 1x ball and 2x throw & bite toys.
✔ Brand: GIZMO
✔ Material: Eco-friendly Sisal
✔ Color: Red-white, Blue-orange, Jure, Beige
✔ Weight: 0.25 Kilograms
✔ Dimensions: 41 x 17 x 5 cm