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MakeSure Hola Cat Toy

Interactive and challenging

Did you know that young indoor cats need to stimulate their hunting behavior at least 30 times a day to satisfy their hunting instinct? The MakeSure 3-in-1 Cat Toy & Food Maze is cat toys that can be combined in different ways to give your cat various challenges. This way it will always remain interesting for your animal friend and keep him in good health. This interactive cat toy is the perfect gift for any new cat owner!

Interactive & challenging

Playing is as important to a cat as eating and drinking: it keeps them healthy. Play combats boredom, it stimulates his natural hunting instinct, it keeps his muscles and joints healthy, it works well against stress and depression and reduces behavioral problems.

Mode 1: Maze

By placing the small obstacle walls in the board, you can create your own maze. Distribute cat treats through the maze and place the lid on the obstacle board. This way you challenge your cat to earn a snack in a playful way.

By placing the obstacle walls in different positions, you can increase the level of difficulty and give your cat a new challenge every time.

Mode 2: Race track

Flip the board over to create a race track where the ball fits. You can play this game with your cat to increase bonding. Let the ball go back and forth around the race track and your cat will bump and chase it back.

Increase the difficulty by placing the lid on the race track. The cat will use its paws through the openings to try to make the ball go around.

Mode 3: Hunting simulation

On the inside of the lid is a hook on which you can hang toys to stimulate your cat’s hunting instinct. Hang the included fluffy ball and place the lid on the bottom. Your cat will love chasing the fluffy ball and then playing loose with it.

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