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GIZMO feeding and drinking bowls

beautiful and user-friendly

Looking for designer feeding and drinking bowls that fit nicely into your interior? The GIZMO ceramic feeding bowls with stand are the perfect solution for your pet! Because the food bowls hang elevated above the ground, it provides a comfortable eating position and posture for your pet. The food bowls are made of ceramic, making them dishwasher safe and easy to keep clean. In short: the perfect addition to any household with animals!

Different sizes & colors

The GIZMO feeding and drinking bowls are available in dark green, light green and white. The trays are available in 300ml for smaller eaters like cats and 500ml for slightly larger pets like medium-sized dogs and 800ml for larger dogs.

Pleasant height

The raised stand provides a good posture for your pet because it does not have to bend far to eat and drink. This can help reduce joint and digestive problems.

Modern design

The modern design of the feeders provide a stylish look. The dining area for your pet doesn’t have to be ugly!

Eco-friendly material

The feeders are made of high quality ceramic contain no hazardous substances. In addition, they are easy to clean and dishwasher safe.

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