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GIZMO Cat Toys

beautiful and fun for your cat

Did you know that young indoor cats need to stimulate their hunting behavior at least 30 times a day to satisfy their hunting instinct? With these deluxe cat toys, you can give your cat new challenges every time. With the 7 different toys, it will always stay interesting for your animal friend and keep him in good health. The set is the perfect gift for any new cat owner!

Interactive & challenging

Playing is as important to a cat as eating and drinking: it keeps them healthy. Play combats boredom, it stimulates his natural hunting instinct, it keeps his muscles and joints healthy, it works well against stress and depression and reduces behavioral problems.

Durable material

Each cat toy is unique and made of eco-friendly sisal (agave fiber) that is natural, strong and durable. This allows your cat to enjoy the toys for a long time.

Diverse play fun

The set includes 7 sound-making toys for interactive play in different ways: cat fishing pole, rope ring, play mice, ball and throw & bite toys.

Gift set

The GIZMO cat toy set is the ideal gift for yourself or any new cat owner!

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